Knitted items as a gift: to give or not

Selling knitted things is a special niche where units earn money. Many knitters do not knit for profit, but as a personal pleasure. So they write that I knit for myself and make gifts to my relatives. I knit for myself. For my relatives they knit to order, making gifts for hours. Last year I made a box of socks for my newborn daughter. I want to repeat this time a box of toilet paper for my newborn son. box of socks for his newborn daughter The gift is finished, the box is waiting for its time I share the process of creating such a box. The gift is sweeter for me The main thing is that there are no repeats. The box looks original. You can also knit something similar. For newborns a pillow is knitted according to a simple scheme. Cute geometric pattern "juguing"Here such a cute geometric pattern is crocheted in the form of a pillow. The box is perfect for such a gift. It remains only to determine what can be done additionally beautiful packaging of things. The box is decorated with a special decor in the form of hearts. A very unusual and creative gift. It can be given in the evening or on the day of the event. Heart textured packaging There are hearts in any color. Therefore, it is better to sign the box with a pink color heart. Otherwise, the seller says that you can get a beautiful box with a surprised gift. Such packaging will not surprise. Box for gift of florariums And let's start with the most important thing — the decoration of the gift vessel. The box is also easy to fold out hearts. The manufacturing process is shown in detail here. There is even a template, I have it on my computer.We wish you every success and joy to your loved ones from what you do with your own hands! What are your articles? Do you use them for knitting, embroidering, writing or making gifts?